Musaik Dresden

Musaik is a social music project for children from different social and cultural backgrounds.

Why a social music project in Dresden?

Learning the piano, trumpet or clarinet at music school, testing one's singing talent in a choir, performing with a big band at events in Germany and abroad - these are the dreams of many a child in Germany. After all, the social inequality of our education system continues in the field of music. Whether young people can make music depends crucially on the education and income of their parents.

That is why music educators Luise Börner and Deborah Oehler initiated the social music project "Musaik - Grenzenlos musizieren in Dresden". The Cellex Foundation helped set up the project together with the association MUSAIK - Grenzenlos Musizieren e.V. from 2017 to 2019. Since then, the foundation has been advising the association, supporting it in the acquisition of funding and making its network available.

Pilot project

In 2017, Societaetstheater Dresden and Neighborhood Management Prohlis initiated the long-term art and culture project "ZU HAUSE in Prohlis" at KIEZ, a space in the Dresden-Prohlis shopping center. There, Musaik offered free instrumental lessons and orchestra opportunities three times a week. Around 20 children, seven cello players and 13 violinists, regularly took part in the lessons. The first joint concerts took place in front of a large audience on December 21, 2017 and February 12, 2018 in the Bürgersaal of the Prohlis local office. Concerts such as meetings around the rehearsals also serve to introduce the children's parents to each other and to promote their interaction.


  • Musaik offers free, intensive musical education to children from different social and cultural backgrounds.
  • Musaik trains creativity, creative processes, self-confidence, patience and perseverance with group lessons and ensemble playing.
  • Musaik also promotes social skills such as teamwork, frustration management, responsibility and communication skills.
  • Musaik thus opens up new perspectives for children and promotes social and cultural participation.
  • Musaik uses music as a medium to help shape social change.
    More information about the project, performances and plans can be found here.

Cooperation partner

Neighborhood Management Prohlis, Societaetstheater Dresden, Sächsischer Musikrat e.V.