5th Banquet of Cosmopolitanism in Dresden

What a celebration of openess - many thanks to all who participated, sang, danced, talked, looked after the tables, cooked food, organized a cultural program and welcomed people.

The 5th Dresden "Guest Supper for All" was held this time, unlike in the past, at the end of the summer and after the forced break in 2020 due to Corona, on the Neustadt side of the Elbe. On September 13, the initiators of "Dresden is(s)t bunt. A banquet for all" invited the city community to 160 tables on the main street between 4 and 8 pm.

The Hauptstraße, the main street for strolling and strolling, became the most colorful street in the city! 67 cultural partners and 50 sponsors were present and welcomed almost 2,000 guests. There was room for exchange and dialogue, for getting to know each other and for being curious. And - this is the most important thing for us - it remained quiet and there were hardly any disturbances. Our heartfelt thanks go to all those who contributed to the peaceful atmosphere of this year's guest banquet!

The already traditional festival was organized by the Cellex Foundation, supported by the CSD Dresden e.V., the AWO Saxony and the association Dresden - Place to be! e.V.

This year, numerous cultural institutions such as the State Art Collections, the Semperoper Dresden or Hellerau - European Center for the Arts, associations from the independent scene, scientific institutions such as the TUDAG or the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, the Commissioner for Foreigners of the Free State of Saxony or the Integration and Foreigners' Advisory Council of the state capital Dresden and many more participated in this multicultural dialogue.

"Bringing everyone to the table" - a popular statement when it comes to connecting different views, opinions and ideas. The idea of the guest meal corresponds to this approach and goes even further. At 'Dresden is(s)t bunt' we want to show the diversity of our city together and enter into dialogue with each other in public places. The most diverse people with their most diverse foods encourage exchange. The state capital Dresden with its offices and institutions will also be present at the banquet on September 13. After all, where better to communicate with each other than together around a long table, with delicious food and in a hospitable atmosphere," said Mayor Dirk Hilbert, describing the idea behind the event.


The festival was supported by a sponsoring campaign and by the Office for Cultural and Monument Protection of the state capital Dresden.

Commitment to diversity and dialogue

Since its premiere in 2015, "Dresden is(s)t bunt" has been a commitment to diversity, openness and dialogue. "Beyond Dresden, it is a model of how a city society can come together and engage in conversation," says co-initiator Gerhard Ehninger of the Cellex Foundation. The simple principle: "Join in": people of all backgrounds can bring and share their favorite foods, from egg rolls to couscous salad, meet new friends and engage in conversation with others. "'Dresden is(s)t bunt' stands for the stronger side of the city, for hospitality and joy instead of discord, for tolerance and cosmopolitanism instead of misanthropy and hatred, for democracy instead of autocracy."

The initiators are already looking forward to next year.