A Banquet for everyone

Dresden is(s)t bunt. A multicultural dialogue over food and drink.

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Photo: Daniel Koch

A celebration of togetherness

Since 2015, citizens of the city of Dresden, amateur theater groups, dance ensembles and various choirs as well as institutions, associations and the state capital Dresden have been inviting people to the annual summer happening "Dresden is(s)t bunt. A banquet for everyone" in downtown Dresden.

At a star-shaped table, the festive people from all socio-cultural backgrounds eat together in a colorful mix of conversation, music and dance. Cultural partners such as Afropa e.V., Ausländerrat Dresden, Gefilte Fest Dresden e.V., Greenpeace Jugend Dresden, Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Landesbüro Darstellende Künste Sachsen e.V., the museums of the city of Dresden, Psychosoziale Trägerverein Sachsen e.V., Semperoper Dresden and Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Staatsoperette Dresden, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Verkehrsmuseum Dresden and many more are taking part in this already traditional event of multicultural dialogue.

The project is financed every year by a fundraising campaign with which local companies, businesses and associations support the festival. At the same time, many supporters also come to the city center in person with their staff to show their face, join the large crowd of guests and become part of a colorful, cosmopolitan cityscape.

All citizens of Dresden as well as the friends and guests of the city could participate in the banquet for all with the help of the companies and associations without financial participation and enrich the feast with their own drinks and food.

The festival is organized and supervised by the Cellex Foundation together with many committed partners.

Here you can find reports on the individual festivals: