CONCERT January 26, 2015

More than 25,000 people gathered in Neumarkt in January 2015 to show the world that there is no place for marginalization and xenophobia in Dresden.

January 26, 2015, Dresden Neumarkt

The association “Dresden - Place to be e.V.“ and its partners gathered numerous artists and speakers at Neumarkt in Dresden for the program “Open and colourful – Dresden for all!“ to show the world that there is no place for exclusion and xenophobia in Dresden.

Spectacular! Many thanks to all who were there and showed how much heart our city has. Together we positioned ourselves for open mindedness and respect and against xenophobia and sent this message to the world. This is an amazingly good feeling. But please don’t forget: It’s not over yet and we still have to continue to hit the streets for our values and our city. We are asking for more donations, so that we can continue to make our contribution with similar events in the future.

You can hear the very impressive Nemi El Hassan again here.

And here is the speech from Herbert Grönemeyer in the original German and the English translation. Thank you Martin Kasher and Sandra Mattock for the translation!