Our responsibility

Medical help and human appreciation have no religious or national boundaries.

The foundation of the Cellex Foundation in 2015 followed an initiative by the companies Cellex and GEMoaB, which are developing new cancer therapies and specializing in the production of blood stem cells and the removal of bone marrow. Cellex and GEMoaB operate in an international context and work with people from different countries. Cosmopolitanism plays a major role in this and it is the basis of all communication. To honor the commitment of donors and scientists and to take responsibility for society, the foundation was established.

Medical help and appreciation for human wellbeing know no religious or national boundaries. People who donate stem cells make no distinction regarding skin color, gender, age or background of their patients. Scientific research depends upon discourse and the collaboration of people from all around the world. This notion also informs the issues the Cellex foundation is campaigning for: tolerance and open-mindedness as well as science and research. People are at the centre of our projects.