Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Cellex Foundation works on an honorary basis and advises, supports and supervises the Executive Board.

Prof. Dr. med. Rainer Ordemann

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

"I am committed to the internship program We create perspectives because the swift integration of refugees is important."

Simona Block

Simona Block

"As a journalist I report on xenophobia and racism, privately I am committed to tolerance and the coexist-ence of cultures."

Damaris Ehninger

Damaris Ehninger

"The support of children and adolescents and their families in challenging life situations is very important to me."

Elisabeth Ehninger

Elisabeth Ehninger

"I want people to be able to live together peacefully, no matter what religion, nationality, worldview and way of life – that's what I'm committed to."

Prof. Dr. med. Gerhard Ehninger

"Appreciation and mutual respect are the basis of my work as a physician and scientist."


Jens Gehlich

"I am a lawyer and work for democracy and the rule of law."

Dr. Frieder Schad

"Supporting people who need help is very important to me."