Theater - Past Continuous

The plays are about human rights, freedom, peace and tolerance, war, flight and exile.

About the project

The Past Continuous theater group - these are people from different parts of the world who live in Dresden and send a message to the world through the medium of theater. Many members are part of the socio-cultural project Tango - open and colorful, which is why the plays have a close connection to music, dance and tango.

Under the motto Past Continuous - a form of expression of actions unfinished in the past - the specially written plays deal with negative aspects of the past that are reflected in the present. They want to show current problems in order to be able to overcome mistakes made. The tragedies and comedies want to reveal their own contradictions and focus on issues of interpersonal interaction in social and historical contexts; they talk about racism, xenophobia, migration and integration, wars and National Socialism.

So far, the ensemble has created and performed six productions.