Multilingual vaccination campaign of the Cellex Foundation

Cellex Foundation initiates multilingual vaccination campaign

Dresden, April 1, 2022: The better the knowledge of German, the higher the vaccination rate. This is the partial result of a study conducted by the RKI in February 2022. According to the authors, the reason for this could be that there is significantly more uncertainty and false knowledge among people with a migration history than among people without a migration history.

Prof. Dr. med. Gerhard Ehninger, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Cellex Foundation: "The RKI report published at the beginning of February inspired us to take active countermeasures at this point. Saxony is diverse - also in medicine, biology, the other human sciences, culture and business. An inquiry in our network showed a great willingness to cooperate in providing multilingual information about vaccination against COVID-19."

The result is a campaign with short film sequences in which 33 people talk about vaccination in their native language and in German. The contributors come from very different backgrounds. They are vaccinators, work in medicine or nursing, are scientists, artists or come from the business world. The personal introduction is intended to encourage people to find out more about vaccination, e.g. at the Federal Government's Integration Office and the multilingual offer there. We want to give an impulse and reach as many people as possible through dissemination in the media and virally via the Internet.

"In order to increase the willingness of people with migration and refugee experience to be vaccinated, existing barriers to obtaining information must be dismantled, among other things with mother-tongue education that is based on scientific facts and communicated to the target group at a low threshold. I consider the peer-to-peer approach, as pursued in this campaign, to be a valuable method for achieving this goal," says Mehrnaz Pohl-Shirazi, health scientist and health helper at Ausländerrat Dresden e.V.

The short spots (60 to 90 seconds) will be published on YouTube and social media and linked on the Cellex Foundation website. The people shown describe the motivations behind their personal decision for Covid 19 vaccination. The spots are partly multilingual and partly in German.

We offer the following 16 languages: Arabic, Belarusian, Chinese, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Persian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian.