Hier finden Sie Informationen zum Cellex Academy Symposium 2019

We warmly invite you to the Cellex Academy Symposium 2019!

The symposium is dedicated to the topic "T cell therapeutics: New strategies in oncology and beyond". Immuno-oncological approaches using T cells as therapeutics are currently on everyone's lips: with Blincyto, Kymriah and Yescarta the first T cell drugs have already gained market approval and many more are at different stages of clinical evaluation. Research efforts on new therapeutic concepts to increase efficacy and safety of T cell drugs are numerous. All these efforts give hope for new and promising treatment options for patients with various diseases.

We are looking forward to exciting lectures, which will cover the current clinical landscape, identify still existing obstacles and problems and provide insights in late preclinical and early clinical experience with new approaches and technologies to overcome present limitations. A special focus will also be put on manufacturing strategies, quality aspects and regulatory issues.

See you in Cologne!

If you are interested in attending the symposium, please fill out the form following this link.

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